Getting Stains Out Of Your Carpet

Carpet looks lovely and fresh once it is installed.  When you walk into a room that has fresh cleaned carpet you just want to lay down on it and roll around.  Over time however, your carpet will dull and become to look worn down.  When this happens, you will want to get it professionally cleaned.  This is where commercial carpet cleaning melville ny will give you the best possible results.

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Take your shoes off

The first line of defense is outside dirt.  Before you enter your room, knock off any dirt from your shoes and take them off.  Walk into the room carrying your shoes or leave your shoes outside if at all possible.  When we remove our shoes, we are removing the barrier of dirt and our carpet.

Watch what you eat and drink

You want to watch what you eat and drink.  You want to make sure that you have lids on your drinks and have your food covered when not eating.  Many people will get stains on their carpet after dropping a plate of food or spilling liquid from a cup.  When this happens, you want to clean up the area as quickly as possible.  If you get a stain, then use a damp cloth and blot the area trying to pull out the stain.  Don’t rub it, that will only push it in further.

Mind pets and children

Pets and children won’t understand or follow the rules.  In these cases, you need to take control and make sure that they enter into the room the right way.  You will also want to teach them the correct practices when eating, drinking or making a mess.  This way they learn, and you will have less accidents.

Throw rugs

Finally create a barrier between your main rug and your environment.  When you do this people can spill or do damage to these rugs and you will retain the fresh look and feel of your floors.