Bail Bonds with No Collateral

When you get the call that someone in your family or household has been arrested for allegedly committing a crime, your natural instinct will be to get them back home as soon as you possibly can. The problem with that is, though, is a scarcity of resources for defendants that can often lead to issues posting bond with cash or offering collateral. In this scenario, the option of staying in jail until the date of the trial is a harsh reality.

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No Collateral Bonds

Fortunately, there is one option that can be used – no collateral bailbonds Santa Barbara courts may award. To be awarded this type of bond, the defendant must be able to demonstrate their inability to come up with the portion of the bond amount required when working with a bail bond company, such as Acme Bail Bonds Santa Barbara. An application will need to be filled out and returned, so expect plenty of paperwork.

A signatory is also required, which is an individual who is willing to take on the responsibility of promising that the defendant in question will make any and all scheduled appearances in court. Once the proper paperwork has been turned in, it will either be approved or denied by either a magistrate or a court judge.


The eligibility of a no collateral bond will depend on several factors, which will be addressed during the application process. Some of the factors influencing your success in being awarded a no collateral bond include:

  • Criminal history
  • Prior bail history
  • History of your residency
  • Financial history

Other factors may include details of the defendant’s personal life as well as the charges they are currently being brought up on, so keep these details in mind when considering applying for this type of bond.

If you are successful, you will be able to get your loved one released without having to put up cash or collateral for their freedom.