Tips For Fixing Your Drywall

The drywall is the final coating that a contractor will put on your wall.  It will be connected to your studs and then finished off with what is known as drywall mud.  This mud is then sanded down to a smooth surface that is now ready to be painted or otherwise finished.  The purpose of the drywall is to cover up all of your studs, wiring, insulation and other components that make up your wall.  When it is damaged you will be in need of drywall repair lawrenceville to come and fix the issues.

Don’t get it wet

Drywall shouldn’t get wet.  Wiping it down with a damp cloth or otherwise getting it wet is okay as long as the moisture doesn’t sit or if you are hitting it with a lot of water.  If you have a flood or otherwise have standing water that remains in contact with your drywall or if the drywall is outside in the rain, it can become permanently damaged. 

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Watch what you hang on your walls

Sheetrock is not a very strong substance when it comes to hanging heavy objects.  Hanging posters with push pins, small photos and other items is okay, however when trying to rely on the drywall to sustain heavy loads it won’t.  You want to install these heavy items on the studs.  The studs are the strongest part of your construction.

When hanging items with tape for instance, you want to be very careful not to rip it off the wall.  Tape will cause your drywall to rip in small areas which will again require fixing and additional cosmetic changes.

Watch where you are walking

You want to be careful where you are walking.  You don’t want to bump into the walls or knock into them while caring sharp or heavy objects.  Moving furniture is very tricky in some areas that might have tight corners or narrow walkways.  If you hit the wall you can do damage from scraping to poking holes in the wall that will once again need repair.